It was a vague response given by LeBron James earlier this week.

Very vague.

“I have absolutely no idea’’ the Miami Heat superstar responded in an story when asked about what could be his pending free agency after this season.

Somewhere in Chicago those five little words had to have Bulls general manager Gar Forman smiling.

Forman like at least half the GMs across the Association isn’t conducting his business solely hoping that James opts out of his current deal with Miami next summer and picks his team but the idea of what this upcoming free agent class could look like definitely has to factor into decisions being made at the Berto Center right now.

That’s why the reports of the Bulls informing Luol Deng’s agent Herb Rudoy last week that the team will no longer look to negotiate a deal for the pending free agent came as no surprise.

It’s either smart business or a dangerous game of chicken with the hopes of landing the best player in the world in James. A long shot? Definitely but with the Bulls at least in the conversation with James in his first decision one that the organization has to explore.

Rudoy however said on Wednesday that choosing this path could cost the Bulls Deng come July 1 and despite Deng wanting to stay any idea of home-town discounts if talks eventually restart are out the window.

“I actually expected them to negotiate an extension’’ Rudoy said in a phone interview. “I was very surprised when [Forman] called and said they decided not to further negotiate. I was a bit surprise because it’s going to be a hot free-agent market next summer.’’

Rudoy was asked if Forman indicated that the Bulls first wanted to try and look at bigger options before opening up talks again with Deng and said that wasn’t relayed to him.

“Of course they didn’t say they didn’t want him back so that was never discussed’’ Rudoy said. “I told Gar they are running the risk that someone can step up on July 1 and they can lose him.

“At this point we’re not looking to do anything except get the best deal possible. We’ll see what happens and we’ll see what’s out there. He loves Chicago loves playing for [coach Tom]Thibodeau really loves playing for Thibodeau but he will look for the best offer.’’