Henrik Lundqvist, the face of the Rangers and the face behind the mask, did not even attempt to mask the bitter pain of yet another overtime defeat.

This one cut to the core of the goaltender, who blamed himself, and who might have blamed anyone in sight, for the 3-2 loss to the Bruins in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semfinals last night that left him oh-for-three in OTs this year and with a career OT playoff record of 3-11.

“I think I made a bad, bad decision,” Lundqvist said, castigating himself for the two-on-one goal that Brad Marchand scored off a Patrice Bergeron right-wing rush feed at 15:40. “It was a tough play, but I could have played it better.

“I have to see the guy [Marchand] in the middle. I knew he was coming, but I was too focused and too locked in on the puck. That’s why I made a stretch move instead of being able to keep my pads together.”

OK, that was the technical explanation of the winning/losing play that began when Derick Brassard’s attempted cross-ice feed to Rick Nash on a right-wing rush was tipped by Zdeno Chara, thus allowing Boston to sweep down ice the other way.

But The King’s locker room postmortem wasn’t nearly as much about technical stuff as it was about raw emotion; about deep regret over the Rangers letting yet another one get away in OT.

“We came up short in overtime again,” Lundqvist said, the accent on the final word of the sentence, thus prompting the natural follow-up of whether the losses were having a cumulative effect on his psyche.