There’s a four-letter word that rhymes with “duck” that if you say it will get you dirty looks around the Jets but it’s not the one you traditionally think of.

It’s luck as in the Jets are lucky f … um … ducks.

No one around the Jets wants to hear this team has been lucky so far and that is why they are 4-3. They don’t want to hear about Lavonte David’s penalty in Week 1 giving them the game or being the beneficiaries of a rule Sunday in overtime against the Patriots that had never been enforced before.

But the Jets have been lucky.

Their four wins have come by a combined 13 points. The Jets have given up 28 more points than they’ve scored. There are six teams in the NFL who have a worse point differential than the Jets. None has more than two wins.

Now that is not to say the Jets have not played well. Their defensive line has been all-world the offense has shown flashes of big-play ability and Rex Ryan has coached his tail off to make this team believe it’s better than its talent says it is.

However there are some statistical red flags in the Jets performance through seven games that make you wonder if eventually their luck will run out or if they can keep defying logic to make a run at the playoffs.

The Jets have really done an amazing job of winning despite violating some of the most sacred football axioms. Ask any football coach from pee wee to the pros and they’ll say you’ll win more than you’ll lose if you win the turnover battle.

The Jets are -11 in turnover margin. Only the Giants are worse in the NFL. As good as the Jets’ defense has been they have only four takeaways more than only the Steelers.

Coachspeak 101 also includes this favorite: the team that commits less penalties usually wins. The Jets lead the league with 64 penalties 10 more than any other team. They committed more penalties than their opponents in three of their four wins.

You take these two factors alone and the Jets should have 1-2 wins.

If you’re an optimistic Jets fan you say well they’ve been able to win making these mistakes imagine how they’ll be if they clean things up?” If you’re not wearing green and white you say “they can’t possibly continue to win like this.”