For several weeks, if not longer, we’ve said that the Colts could be the best fit for Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin, if/when (when) Martin leaves the Dolphins.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck believes it’s a good fit, too.On Wednesday, Luck told Pro Football Talk on NBCSN that he supports the idea of the bringing his former Stanford teammate to Indy.

While Luck pointed out that there have been no internal conversations regarding the possibility of trading for or signing Martin, Luck made it clear that he believes in Martin.

“I’d say I love Jon, we had a great time at Stanford together, still stay in touch with him regularly and I think he’s a great man,” Luck said regarding the input he’d provide, if/when (when) he’s asked about Martin.

Luck said he still regularly talks to Martin, and that they spoke “[p]robably a couple days ago.”