Milan Lucic isn’t an embellisher, a flopper, or a diver, but he is a powerful and strong hockey player that comes to the aid of his teammates.

So, he was fully in favor of Zdeno Chara’s actions while standing up for teammate Tyler Seguin when he was cross-checked in the ribs by Alexei Emelin because he’s done the same kind of thing many times.

“It’s a positive when you have your captain willing to step up and do something like that,” Lucic said. “When a guy cross-checks one of your best players and breaks a stick over him it’s good to see that somebody is willing to respond and defend their teammates. That’s what makes this such a special group.

“It’s part of our identity where we stick up for each other. It’s one of those Boston/Montreal things. It seems to happen to the two of us at least once a year.”

One thing Lucic couldn’t wrap his brain around: that Chara should have known that Emelin doesn’t fight because he’s got a plate holding his face together after it was rearranged in a KHL fight several years ago.

It’s up to the Montreal Canadiens to wear the proper protection for his face, or perhaps monitor his behavior so he doesn’t have to drop his gloves to defend himself.

“If that’s the case then [Emelin] should wear a [protective] cage for the whole year," Lucic said. "If you’re protecting your face and don’t want guys to fight you, then maybe you shouldn’t cheap shot guys or break your stick over them with a cross-check. If you do that then you should expect what happens afterward. It’s not just [Emelin] it’s everyone."

“If I did that and threw a cheap shot at a guy and 'Z' was playing on another team, I would expect the same reaction from [him] if I did the same thing.”