While the rest of us were reveling in the Bruins's first Stanley Cup win in nearly 40 years, a few residents at Union Wharf were crabbing about the media camped outside Zdeno Chara's crib. The B's captain, who has a condo in the Commercial Street complex, brought Lord Stanley's silver chalice home with him today, and the TV trucks naturally followed. Some enterprising members of the media even wandered through the pricey property looking for the Z-man, which apparently angered a couple of people. Chara didn't seem to mind. At one point, he put the Cup in a baby carriage and took it for a stroll. After posing for pics with the adoring crowd at Regan Communications, whose offices are in Union Wharf, the bleary-eyed blueliner hopped onto his bike and headed to Firicano's Barbershop in the North End for a shave. (It's a tradition for NHL players to grow beards during the Stanley Cup playoffs.) "He was a little tired and very excited," said owner Richie Firicano, who's been cutting Chara's hair for a few years. "The beard was pretty thick. We used the electric clippers and then hit it with the straight razor. Took about 20 minutes to do." Teammates Milan Lucic (below, left) and Johnny Boychuk (below, right), meanwhile, got the hot-towel treatment at Boston Barber Co., which is also in the North End. Owner Robert Dello Russo told us the players, who are friends and regulars, quickly drew a crowd. "I had to lock the door and pull the shades because people were out of control," he said. "The guys almost went unconscious in the chair they were so tired. But Milan said, 'Turn on ESPN. I want to watch all the highlights while I get a shave.'"