Lubomir Visnovsky has waited a long time for this.

When the Ducks begin the Stanley Cup playoffs Wednesday night against Nashville, it will end an eight-season drought for the Ducks defenseman.

"This is something new for me," said Visnovsky, who last appeared in the playoffs with the Kings in 2002. "This time of year, I'm usually on vacation and go home to Slovakia. I would see some highlights and I would get [mad] seeing others in the playoffs."

Now, he said, "I have a great feeling."

The stars seem aligned as well.

Visnovsky, who led NHL defensemen with 68 points, has scored 12 of his 18 goals this season in games played on Wednesdays and Fridays. If the Ducks' series goes seven games, four of those fall on a Wednesday or Friday.

"You know what I like about America . . . stats," Visnovsky said. "You can make stats say good things. That's good at contract time."