In the ears of a child, a parent's voice can ring for an eternity. Shane Doan knows better than anyone.

"My dad always said, 'If you enjoy working hard, every day is a holiday,' " Doan said. "That was his thing."

Back home on the ranch in Alberta, Bernie Doan said lots of stuff like that, filling his children full of Godly proverbs and cornball clichés: Struggles built character. Nothing good comes easy. A life should be built on principles, character and truth.

Fortunately for Coyotes fans, Doan can still hear those words. For the past four years, they were guiding lights for an athlete stuck inside an ownership fiasco, a man recently voted the 10th best captain in NHL history.

And like any good captain, Doan would never leave a sinking ship.

"This hasn't been an ideal situation," Doan said. "But you know what? For the last couple of years, we've enjoyed it. And we're going to continue to enjoy it."

With his drop-deadline approaching, Doan remains optimistic. He says he has a long-term contract in place with the Coyotes. He says prospective owner Greg Jamison has approved Glendale's tweaking of the lease agreement, and the city simply has to push the button. He hears the NHL has Jamison's money in escrow and is set to rubber stamp the deal at a Board of Governors meeting Thursday.