As we take a look at the pitchers who are about to report for the Houston Astros Spring Training, we can pretty easily divide them into two groups: Those who are Bud Norris, and those who are not Bud Norris.

The ones who are Bud Norris are pretty easy to spot. They're the ones wearing the #20 jersey and a big bullseye.

David Stefan "Bud" Norris has pitched almost 564 innings as a Houston Astro. Combined, the rest of the pitchers in camp have pitched almost 908 innings as Houston Astros, and almost half of those innings were thrown by Lucas Harrell or Jordan Lyles.

In 2013, Bud Norris will earn three million dollars. Pick any two other Astros not named Carlos Pena, and there's a better-than-even chance that Bud Norris makes more than they do combined.