Holland coach Louis van Gaal has warned that players may hallucinate during Sunday’s World Cup last-16 game with Mexico if FIFA do not allow both teams the opportunity to take on water.

It is expected to be around 35 degrees when the teams take the field in Fortaleza at 1pm local time.

‘This is why we have trained so hard — so weather conditions won’t be the opponent for us,’ said Van Gaal.

‘I will call a spade a spade if I am not happy, though. We are open about it and can prepare for it.

‘If we have to, we will take drinks and put bottles round the pitch. It is extremely important and that is why a dehydration element was included in training and friendlies.

‘Every player will become dehydrated. Some lose four litres during the game. That is four kilos.

‘They have to replenish otherwise they will start hallucinating. The players know this. We just hope that the water is ready and that the referee does his job in a sensible way.’