Linsanity was back but different, spread around in every direction like a puddle scattered by a child's playful stomp.

Rather than in the stunning ascent of one unlikely hero, the Rockets' offensive eruption was everywhere. On a night that would inevitably remind of the wondrous stretch that made Jeremy Lin an international sensation and likely would inspire comparisons to his play of a season ago, the Rockets hit the New York Knicks with an offensive blast that stole the show.

This was not a flashback to Lin's magazine cover run, though in his first meeting with his former team he did his part with his best offensive performance in weeks. The Rockets ripped the Knicks 131-103 on Friday in Toyota Center with a spectacular offensive barrage that came from almost every direction, from Chandler Parsons' career night to James Harden's free-throw perfection.

"I envisioned it," said Harden, who had been saying the Rockets' offense and chemistry were falling into place. "I just didn't know how fast we could bring it together. Still, I don't think we have every piece together. Tonight was a great preview of what we can be, how great we can be."

The Rockets will not expect to match everything from Friday's show. Parsons rolled to 18 points in the first quarter when he made all eight of his attempts to provide the flying start. He finished with a career-high 31 points, even without stepping on the court in the fourth quarter.

"I thought he was going to go to 50 tonight," said Harden, who scored 33 points and went 16-of-16 from the line, two shy of Kevin Martin's franchise record for made free throws without a miss. "Every shot he put up was in. Chandler probably had his best game of the season. He started us off."