Joe Saunders is expected to choose a team this week, and maybe there will be some interest in Michael Bourn or Kyle Lohse.

Free agency drags on, and with spring training's starting in just three weeks, teams and players are getting eager to put their finishing touches on this year's roster.

Saunders was looking for a four-year deal last month. He'll be fortunate to get one half that long. He could sign with the Orioles or go elsewhere.

Dan Duquette said last week that he likes Saunders, and he'd like to sign a veteran starting pitcher before spring training.

According to MLBTrade, there are still about free agent starters available with Lohse and Saunders the two most prominent.

Another is Shaun Marcum, last with Milwaukee. He's been linked with a few clubs, but not the Orioles.

Others on the list have injury issues (Daisuke Matsuzaka, Chien Ming-Wang, Randy Wolf) or are just plain old (Derek Lowe, Kevin Millwood, Jamie Moyer). Roy Oswalt isn't sure he wants to pitch any longer, and Carlos Zambrano has anger issues and doesn't seem to be a logical fit in Baltimore.