You would be hard-pressed to find another coach in the NBA with the kind of perpetual optimism that Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens has.

His team is 4-7 after dropping their third straight on Saturday at Minnesota, with each loss looking worst than its predecessor.

Despite the losing streak, Stevens maintains an almost stoic perspective during what's likely to be his darkest days as the Boston Celtics' head coach.

But on Saturday there was something different.

The confidence he has in this team is still there.

But for the first time the weight of this team's losing ways seemed to affect him in a very visible, real way.

He'll continue to show up to work early and stay late, searching for ways to win games.

But the reality of what he has at hand is starting to sink in.

Coming from the college ranks, gaining a proper perspective on what he's working with and what he has to compete against, takes time.

Now that he's 11 games into this NBA coaching thing, Stevens knows his team has to play well every night just to be competitive.

That's why actually losing to Minnesota in itself isn't that big a deal.

The Timberwolves should have won Saturday's game because they're a more talented team.


But are they 18 points better than the Celtics?


And while it would be easy to point to Jeff Green's 0-for-6 shooting night as the reason for the Celtics' loss, that would be extremely short-sighted and just flat-out wrong.

Fans worried about the Celtics winning too many games this season and missing out on one of the top picks in the 2014 NBA draft should not worry.