Players often view games as individual vignettes that over the course of a season, give you a greater sense of a team's body of work.

But there are some individual games that speak volumes as to a team's identity.

Boston had one of those games on Sunday as they managed to survive a triple overtime battle with Denver and emerge with a 118-114 win.

Survival has indeed been part of the Celtics story this season.

Losing the league's assists leader in Rajon Rondo with a partially torn right ACL is a major blow. Compounding the loss less than a week later was promising rookie Jared Sullinger being lost for the season following back surgery.

Instead of being hurt by those setbacks, it seems they have only helped this group to re-invent themselves into a formidable club that doesn't subscribe to the theory that teams that lose key players are supposed to lose.

The Celtics have shown the kind of fight and resiliency that was nowhere to be found at the start of the season. As strange as it may sound, the loss of Rondo and Sullinger might have been just what this team needed in order to see those traits within themselves.

Far too many games to count this season, they played as if the regular season was just a lay-over until the arrived at the "real games" - the playoffs. But because of how this team sputtered out the gates this season, that's no longer a luxury.

The regular season for a change had meaning for the Celtics; significant meaning if they were to have any shot at achieving the lofty dreams they aim for every season.

But what appeared to be a dead end to those dreams coming to fruition with Rondo's injury, have only become a detour into a brand of Celtics basketball that in many ways is better.