There are bad losses pro athletes are wise to put out of their mind, and there are bad losses that should be chewed over, learned from and used for motivation.

The Red Wings seem to place the 5-2 battering by the Flames on Wednesday night firmly in the second category.

"We had some video and we went over what we did yesterday," Niklas Kronwall said after practice Thursday as the team prepared for tonight's game against the young Oilers, who have won two consecutive.

"I thought we played two really good periods. The third, way too many mistakes."

Red Wings coach Mike Babcock said he wondered if part of what happened was an untoward reaction to players returning to the lineup after injuries.

"You know, it's interesting, the less skill we had, we tried to win 2-1," he said. "Now, here we are, it's 5-2 (and a loss).

"More skill shouldn't mean more careless, it should just mean better opportunity to be patient, stay with the game longer and harder and get the job done."

Babcock said lineup changes may be in order, but did not discuss them.

"I've got a lot of time left."

From The Detroit News: