It sure does seem like a lot of money now.

Midway through this past season my wife and I splurged on Predators season tickets — on the ice just to the side of our shoot-once goal. We were pumped to watch some great players from some great seats.

Looks like I will get to find out what kind of a fair-weather fan I am; because if Shea Weber's offer sheet from the Philadelphia Flyers turns out to be too expensive for the Nashville Predators and he leaves, it will probably make us change our plans, too.

Like a lot of hockey fans, I moved here with an allegiance to another team (in my case the Carolina Hurricanes, who had won the Cup the year before I came to Nashville). And, slowly, I have weaned from the 'Canes and adopted the Preds. Part of the adoption was adjusting to cheering for a team that was committed to its coach (a novel approach coming from a market that changed coaches like clothes) and general manager, but more importantly, watching Ryan Suter and Shea Weber, beginning with the 2008 Olympics and building on those performances during the next few seasons, become stars. And as we came to enjoy their play, we adopted the rest of the team.