If you haven't thought about the potential of an NFL team moving to Los Angeles in a while you'd be forgiven. The Chargers still are in San Diego the Jaguars are still in Jacksonville and at this point there's more talk about London getting a professional NFL team than our countrymen in L.A.

But that doesn't mean L.A. has given up the fight.

The L.A. City Council's Economic Development Committee has backed a resolution that urges the NFL to bring at least one or maybe two teams to L.A. and the resolution will now go before the full City Council according to CBS Los Angeles.

It “puzzles me why out of 32 teams one doesn't want to come here to sunny Southern California” said Councilman Tom Labonge the author of the resolution.

The league continues to monitor the possibility of bringing football back to L.A. 52 years after the Chargers migrated south to San Diego and 18 years after the Rams headed east for St. Louis while Al Davis returned the Raiders to Oakland.

But so far there hasn't been any movement. No matter what the city council does with its resolution that's unlikely to change for now.