Before his career is done, Antawn Jamison would like to go out with at least one championship and possibly leave the game like former NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry. Jamison remembers how Curry used to bring his young son, current NBA sharpshooter Stephen, to games and let him be a ballboy. He would like to do the same for his two boys, Antwan Jr., 6, and Rucker, 3, who have inherited their father’s love for the game.

But Jamison, 36, knows he doesn’t have much time, especially since he eliminated one option last summer. Jamison made the difficult choice of leaving behind all four of his children with their mother in Charlotte to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers and chase the championship that has eluded him through a 15-year career.

His hometown Bobcats offered more years and more money, but Jamison had always wanted to deal with the expectations that come with wearing purple and gold. Plus, Kobe Bryant is the favorite player of his oldest son. Jamison still sought permission from his boys and his daughters, Alexis, 12, and Kathryn, 7, before making the move.

“I talked to them and I talked to their mom and she was like, ‘I’ll be able to, for a year or so, deal with it. I know this is something that you want. You should try to achieve that,’ ” said Jamison, who got divorced two years ago. “And the kids was like, ‘You’re going to play with Kobe?’ So once I got that blessing, it wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Jamison thought he had finally landed in the best place to capture a ring, after failing to come close in previous stops in Golden State, Dallas, Washington and Cleveland. He joined a team that already had Bryant, Pau Gasol and Steve Nash. Then Dwight Howard came aboard, giving the Lakers four potential Hall of Famers.

“I thought this would be the year that everything would be smooth sailing,” said Jamison, whose desires for success with the Wizards were derailed even before Gilbert Arenas brought guns to the locker room. His title window in Cleveland was closed the moment LeBron James chose to reside in South Beach.