He spoke about the past, but Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria wants everyone focused on the future.

Meeting with local media Monday for the first time since the club's scorched earth regular and offseason, Loria apologized for the disastrous inaugural campaign at Marlins Park. What he isn't sorry about is how the organization has embarked on building a sustainable winner, even if it means getting steamrolled for a season or two.

"I'm sorry we built this amazing ballpark and fans are feeling the way they do, but we did this for a reason," Loria said during the informal gathering in the Marlins Park Diamond Club. "We weren't going anywhere. Anybody who's a baseball person would realize after two years like we had, we had to do something swiftly and quickly and bold.

"I'd like to turn the clock ahead two years from now and look back at what we did. We had three or four prospects in our system that we could call up. We had no good young players."