Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria can be rather decisive when he wants to gut his roster. Yet when it comes to his front office he waffles and waffles and waffles some more.


If Loria wants to fire Larry Beinfest as president of baseball operations then he should fire him. Instead Loria is staying ominously silent while reports circulate for the second straight September that Beinfest could be gone.

Loria’s refusal to address the topic is unfair to Beinfest who has served the owner for 14 years both with the Expos and Marlins. The lingering tension within the Marlins’ front office meanwhile is damaging to the organization.

Beinfest is miserable major league sources say. You would be miserable too if your owner over the past four years had gone from merely meddlesome to completely hands-on even vetoing minor league call-ups for reasons unrelated to performance.

The Marlins’ power structure according to sources essentially consists of Loria and VP of player personnel Dan Jennings on one side and Beinfest and general manager Mike Hill on the other. Loria’s stepson team president David Samson has been all but invisible this season and also is on the outs with Loria sources say.

The logical move — the move that USA Today reported would happen at the end of last season — would be for Jennings to replace Beinfest. Rival executives as if on cue again are predicting such a shake-up.