Right about the time the Toronto Raptors were finishing off a gory victory over the gloomy Cavaliers on last week, my email inbox and Twitter mentions began exploding with complaints about the Cavaliers. Four days later, it hadn't stopped.

Byron Scott needs to be fired. Dan Gilbert is cheap. Chris Grant is ruining the franchise. And on and on and on.

I completely understand why fans are frustrated. The Cavs have already endured losing streaks of six, four, five and six games. Progress has been difficult to see. Tristan Thompson certainly hasn't improved offensively and appears to be regressing. Kyrie Irving's turnovers are climbing, and his on-court demeanor appears to be eroding.

The players are frustrated and the coach is frustrated. Not just are they struggling this season, but they have the league's worst record over the last three seasons.

But you can stop asking for changes at the top. They aren't coming.

Gilbert made it clear before the start of the season that he was firmly behind this rebuild. He has complete faith in Grant's plan and Grant has total faith in Scott - which is why he quickly picked up the option year on Scott's contract for next season.

I wrote during training camp that this year had the makings to be completely opposite of the last two seasons, when the Cavs got off to decent starts, only to helplessly watch the season crumble around them.

This had all the ingredients for a terrible start - even before the injuries to Irving and Dion Waiters - but the potential for a stronger finish. Ten of their first 14 games were on the road, and so many sets of back-to-backs have left them with only one day of practice every week for about the last month. So little instructional time is debilitating to a young team that needs the extra work. Add in the time missed by Irving and Waiters, and essentially one month of this season was a complete loss.

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