It looks like Travis Wood should be raising the Stanley Cup with that awesome playoff beard. The low-key lefty doesn’t have the same Q rating as Jeff Samardzija or Matt Garza, but the Cubs have to be thinking about the next moves if they’re going to build a championship-caliber rotation.

Hours after the Cubs announced a shiny new contract for Anthony Rizzo, Wood went out and shut down the Colorado Rockies in Monday’s 9-1 victory at Wrigley Field. That makes it eight straight quality starts, leading to the question: Is Wood part of The Core?

“As far as I’m concerned, he’s put himself there,” manager Dale Sveum said.

Samardzija is happy for Rizzo, who at the age of 23 put himself in position to earn some $70 million if he continues on the path toward becoming an elite first baseman. But that doesn’t mean Samardzija’s about to give a hometown discount, especially since he already made millions after turning down the NFL out of Notre Dame.

Samardzija, 28, is betting on himself again, not wanting to rush in after only one-plus season as a big-league starter. Preliminary discussions about a possible extension gained little momentum last offseason. There was also no urgency as he remains under club control through the 2015 season. Talks are dormant.

“It’s nothing, to tell you the truth,” Samardzija said. “I know they got a lot things on their mind and a lot of things they’re dealing with. I think the good thing is we have an understanding that we both want to be here (and) that’s a great place to be. It’s just up to me to do my job on the field.”

The Cubs already locked up Starlin Castro with a seven-year, $60 million contract last August, making Samardzija the next logical target, though general manager Jed Hoyer acknowledged it’s a “different calculus with a pitcher.”