Right now the Blackhawks are healthy and everyone in the NHL knows it or at least should be able to tell from their point total that they are firing on all cylinders. Last year Blackhawks lost for some part of the season on offense, Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa to concussion issues and Steve Montador on defense. Losing Hossa probably cost the Hawks their season, getting knocked out in the first round of the playoffs against the Coyotes, more on that later, but some thanks should probably be given to the lockout for giving enough time for Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews enough time to fully recover from concussions they suffered last year.

Now, the Hawks are still missing Montador, who is still recovering from concussion like symptoms and hasn’t played a game since last March and failed concussion tests before the season in January.

Honestly, his career might be over. I hope it isn’t but the Hawks have filled his spot with Brookbank and Rozsival so even if he does come back he may not have a spot on the team.

What’s really scary with all three cases is how long it takes to truly recover from concussions. Hossa’s concussion was from a single hit, from cough cough scum bag cough cough, Raffi Torres. If you haven’t seen the hit you either aren’t a hockey fan or you’ve been living under a rock for the past year. But here it is. It took Hossa over 7 months to recover from this one hit. Luckily, it seems like all effects are gone and he has been on a tear this year so far.

Jonathan Toews claims he is unsure which hit caused him a concussion last year and it could have been any number of hits he took, some might claim that he also was showing some symptoms from when he crashed his Mercedes into a Chicago train support beam.

And Steve Montador like stated before, still hasn’t recovered.

Toews, like Marian Hossa did not play anywhere during the lockout because of concussion issues, but rather stayed in Chicago working out, Toews was also involved in the labor negotiations. But those two benefited probably more than anyone else (besides the owners) from the lockout, being able to take the necessary time off from the game and let their bodies reset.

Hossa’s concussion is the obvious choice for further discussion because of how it happened and the large suspension handed down from Brendan Shanahan because of it.