Offensive linemen usually don’t get a whole lot of attention. But you can’t say that for the Ravens’ Bryant McKinnie.

The left tackle has often been the topic of discussion during his two years with the club, most recently leading up to his re-signing with the Ravens as a free agent after he drew interest elsewhere. Now that he’s back, it’s time again to talk about the running theme with McKinnie — his conditioning and weight. On Wednesday, he was at the Ravens complex in Owings Mills as part of the off-season workout program. That’s a good start.

“I agreed to play lower than last year, and last year I was at 352,” McKinnie told “The older you get, the more they want you to lose, but the harder it is. But I’m going to just do it. I have a game plan this year, and I have people in place that will help me. I’m really dedicated to do it because I really want to do it for myself and I just really want to play at that weight and play at a high level.”

Though McKinnie, 6 feet 8, has played 11 NFL seasons, he still sounds eager to learn, particularly from assistant coach Juan Castillo, the Ravens’ run game coordinator.

“I’m going to be here [in Owings Mills] more this year than before,” McKinnie said. “This year, I’ll get a chance to work with Juan, and Juan wants to teach me some things that he thinks will make my job a little easier. I just want to practice my technique more this year.”