There were lots of good questions during my video chat on Thursday. (Warning: it's about 20 minutes long.)

Many of the questions were about the Cardinals' plan for the draft next month. I couldn't answer with anything but guesses, and one was that they wouldn't take an offensive linemen, specifically a right tackle, in the first round.

Via e-mail, reader/viewer Richard England followed up, noting that others have listed right tackle as among the team's biggest needs. Richard made the valid point that Bobby Massie played well at right tackle in the latter half of 2012. Then Richard asked me how I assessed the position.

I don't think right tackle is among the team's top needs. They have three players on the roster now with experience: Massie, Nate Potter and Bradley Sowell. As the roster stands now, those three will compete for the starting job. Massie has the physical tools to play there, and if he cuts down on the mental errors, I'd say he's likely to get the job. We'll see.

Offensive coordinator/line coach coach Harold Goodwin said last week that it's going to be fun to watch those three battle it out.

The Cardinals took guard Jonathan Cooper in the first round a year ago, so I don't see them going for an offensive lineman that early this year. I could be way off in trying to guess their thinking. And there's always the possibility of a surprise: a player dropping unexpectedly.