Milwaukee Brewers manager Ron Roenicke openly states that Logan Schafer will be on his opening day roster, "barring something silly."

General manager Doug Melvin willingly makes similar comments about Schafer's secured status on the team.

Because you never tell a rookie he has the club made until the end of spring training, however, Schafer has yet to hear that news directly from his bosses.

"They haven't told me anything," said the 26-year-old outfielder. "But it sure sounds good to me."

In previous spring trainings, Schafer never had a chance to make the Brewers' roster. There were always enough established outfielders in camp to assure the native Californian would return to the minors when final cuts were made.

This year, things are different. The speedy Schafer is the No. 1 backup in center field. He's also the No. 1 backup in right field. And, while we're at it, he's also the No. 1 backup in left field.

That's the kind of economical roster move a team's decision makers seek when putting together a ball club.

"Obviously, I'm a centerfielder at heart," said Schafer. "I've spent so much time there. But I don't feel out of place in left or right.

"Your mind-set just has to change and you have to understand a few extra facets of being in the corner. You've got to make sure you know where you have to be and attack certain things."

Is it common to find an outfielder who can play all three spots with equal aplomb?

"Not with the level that he plays all three," said Roenicke. "A lot of times you can have a guy go over there (to a corner spot), but is it a guy you really like? When Schafer starts at any of those positions, you know you're going to get a really good defender.

"And he gives you a lot offensively, too. It's nice when you put him out there, knowing he's going to be better (than) or as good as the other guys you have out there."