While rookie Logan Ryan’s 79-yard interception return was one of the high points during Sunday’s overtime loss to the New York Jets the same can’t be said for the Patriots cornerback’s touchdown celebration.

The Rutgers product has come under fire in some circles for the off-color gesture he made after crossing the goal line.

“I don’t want to get into too much detail talking about that but there are certain things that come over the season that we have to handle in-house and I think that’s one of those things” special teams captain Matthew Slater said yesterday when asked about Ryan’s ill-advised celebration. “He’s a great kid and he’s been nothing but respectful since he’s gotten here. That’s something we just have to handle in-house.”

Asked if lecturing Ryan on the dos and don’ts of touchdown celebrations would fall under the captains’ umbrella Slater seemed to indicate it would and perhaps the issue had already been tackled.

“I think that falls under a lot of different umbrellas” Slater said. “I think when situations like that arise they’re addressed.

“We don’t look at that as being a problem in the future. It’ll be taken care of.”

Welcome back Carter

The Patriots brought back Andre Carter to help add some depth on their defensive line reportedly agreeing to a deal with the free agent end.

Carter spent the 2011 season with the Pats. He played 14 games and had 10 sacks before a quadriceps injury ended his year. In free agency he signed with the Oakland Raiders.

In 2012 Carter didn’t have the same impact with the Raiders that he did with the Patriots. He played in 12 games with just 21⁄2 sacks and was released.

Defensive back Devin McCourty who was a rookie in 2011 is looking forward to Carter’s return.

“He’s a great team guy. He’s a good guy to have back on the team” McCourty now a captain said. “I’m looking forward to it. I think it’ll be really good for the young guys to see a veteran that knows how to be a professional.”

Carter was also a tremendous presence in the locker room.

“He’s a great teammate. He’s a natural born leader” Slater said. “He’s everything you’d want in a teammate and a man a husband and a father. Obviously when he was here he did a great job on the field. He made a lot of plays for us. Just his presence in the locker room is going to be great moving forward. I’m excited about playing with him again. He’s a gem.

“Not too many guys like him have come down the pike. So I’m looking forward to playing with him.”

Push and pull

Amid reports that the Jets tipped off officials the Patriots were violating the field goal push rule coach Bill Belichick was asked if he had any reaction to that revelation. Did he ever.

“Well I mean since they were using the play themselves . . . I don’t even know about all that” Belichick said. “But basically we’re just moving on here.”

So Belichick also pointed a finger New York coach Rex Ryan’s way essentially claiming the Jets also pushed into the center or long snapper on field goals apparently referring to Stephen Gostkowski’s game-tying 44-yard field goal with 16 seconds remaining.

That’s a no-no according to the new rule although no penalty was called on that one. The distinction of being flagged for the penalty was reserved for Pats defensive tackle Chris Jones in overtime.