After the Cavaliers claimed Shaun Livingston off waivers from the Washington Wizards on Christmas Day, Livingston’s first game as a member of the Cavs was against the Wizards.

Now that Livingston is the starting point guard for the foreseeable future given Kyrie Irving’s injury, it only makes sense that Livingston’s first start also came against the Wizards on Tuesday.

“Victim of circumstances. It’s one of those ironic seasons I guess,” Livingston said. “Just another chapter in my crazy book. I’m good with that.”

It’s clear Livingston didn’t enjoy his time in Washington. He had been there once before, but when the Rockets released him at the end of training camp, the Wizards again inquired early in the season. With few other options available, Livingston agreed to return to the Wizards.

“Probably one of the worst spots I’ve been in my career,” Livingston said of his time in Washington. “At the same time, it’s been a godsend here.”

Livingston said he’s a cerebral player who didn’t have the right pieces around him in Washington, and the lack of structure within the Wizards didn’t help him. It’s why he never thought his career was over after the Wizards released him in December.

“I knew it wasn’t necessarily the best fit for me,” he said. “Sometimes it’s just about the fit. … I’m not a guy who goes out and gets 30 a game. I’m trying to make guys better and it just wasn’t bonding.”

Livingston has enjoyed his time in Cleveland and coach Byron Scott conceded he has been a fan of Livingston’s for years, but it’s doubtful at this point Livingston returns next season.

He has rejuvenated his career in Cleveland and will likely receive interest from other teams. He has made it clear he will play for the highest bidder next season, and that probably won’t be the Cavs.