In less than a month, Timofey Mozgov is unlikely to be with the Nuggets. Since the beginning of the year, calls from other NBA teams have come rolling in concerning a trade for Mozgov more than for any other player on the Denver roster, and for two reasons.

First, he's a serviceable center. When the Nuggets insisted that the New York Knicks include Mozgov in the blockbuster Carmelo Anthony trade, it was with the belief that Mozgov could grow into being an integral cog in the new direction of the franchise. And he showed flashes that he could be just that.

But the combination of the Nuggets acquiring center JaVale McGee late last season and Kosta Koufos' improved performance this season has made Mozgov the odd guy out among the Nuggets' big men, who include Kenneth Faried and Wilson Chandler playing power forward.