Eight days shy of the season opener at Yankee Stadium, the Red Sox took “Jackie Fest” — “Bradleypalooza,” if you prefer — on the road for what promised to be the best test yet for the 22-year-old outfield phenom.

As usual, Jackie Bradley Jr. didn’t disappoint.

In fact, it took only four pitches from Philadelphia Phillies ace lefty Cliff Lee for Bradley to belt a three-run homer into the left field bullpen. And although he got help from a 24-mph wind blowing out to center, that gust was nothing compared to the force of the increasing momentum that he will make the Red Sox’ Opening Day roster.

“Who’s Bradley?” Lee deadpanned before conceding that the kid “looks like he’s got some talent.”

Opposing pitchers best learn Bradley’s name because it certainly appears his arrival in the majors will come sooner than anyone expected.

The idea yesterday was to give Bradley his first start in left field, with Jacoby Ellsbury in center and Shane Victorino in right, and a few at-bats against Lee, a former Cy Young Award winner and as tough a left-hander as lefty-hitting Bradley had ever seen.

Last week, Red Sox manager John Farrell said he couldn’t envision Bradley moving from his natural center field to left. But with injured David Ortiz absent from the middle of the order, Farrell also realizes the Sox may have to rely on pitching and defense to win games early in the season.

What better way to do that than with a trio of center fielders — Bradley, Ellsbury and Victorino — playing side-by-side-by-side?

“That’s all being thought of and factored in,” Farrell said. “That’s an outfield that has a lot of range and can cover a lot of ground.”