Michael Irvin feels some empathy for troubled Lions receiver Titus Young.

Like Young, Irvin was once thought to be immature and selfish and a distraction to his team.

"I've always said, your greatest asset is your greatest liability," said Irvin, the Hall of Fame receiver now an analyst for NFL Network. "Trust me, I know this.

"His greatest asset is, you can tell he's fought through a lot to get where he is. He's overcome a lot to get where he is and you learn how to fight. But sometimes you're fighting when you need not to fight, and that's when your greatest asset becomes a liability."

Young became disenchanted with his role last season. He wanted to be more of a focal point of the offense, even though Calvin Johnson was in the process of setting an NFL record for receiving yards in a season.

"He has to understand, you are important to this team but you also have understand how important it is that this team be important to you," Irvin said. "You are getting so many opportunities because of the guy on the other side (Johnson) — so many opportunities.

"Let's not talk about how great we are without talking about how great the guys around you."