Head coaches don't get paid to look too far ahead. Their task is administering the here and now; anything beyond that is not guaranteed.

So Jim Schwartz was probably the wrong guy to ask about whether the Lions' tight end position was in the early stages of a transition — though it clearly seems to be. Starters Brandon Pettigrew and Tony Scheffler are entering the final year of their contracts and Will Heller was not re-signed.

"I certainly don't look at it like we're getting rid of anybody," Schwartz said. "We're trying to get as many good players in there that fit a scheme as we can. Contract status and things like that don't even enter the equation at this point. We're just trying to put as many good players as we can on the field."

That said, the Lions seemingly drafted an immediate replacement for Heller in Michael Williams, a traditional blocking tight end from Alabama. And they seemingly signed an understudy for Scheffler in Joseph Fauria, a lanky, pass-catching tight end from UCLA.

"We have a good feel for both of those guys," Schwartz said. "One guy we drafted late, the other guy was a priority for us signing as a free agent. Both of them have a little different skill set and we think that they might be able to help in some way."

Both players were among the standouts of the three-day rookie orientation that ended on Sunday.

Williams, the seventh-round pick, was as advertised, a solid blocker who can be a matchup problem for linebackers and defensive backs in the short zones.

"He's not the fastest tight end, he's not the smallest, but he's a 275-pound, 6-5 guy," Schwartz said. "He's a very good blocker. He has a really good command of the whole offense. This was a guy that we had at the Senior Bowl, and he made a great catch on a seven route in the corner against a really good safety.