So, Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski showed up as a guest on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Monday night after sleeping for only two hours in two days. His mom was in attendance so, of course, Kimmel had him read a passage from the erotic novel 'A Gronking To Remember'.


Gronk is taking plenty of criticism on the internets for his read ability in this clip, but give the guy a break. He won the Super Bowl, partied until 7am the next day, slept for two hours, rolled out of bed (or off the floor), and zipped off to Los Angeles to do the show. I actually give him credit for being sober.

However, he ruined all credibility by saying that the last book he read was "A Mockingbird To Remember" and stating that his alma mater, University Of Arizona, is "The number one party school in the least we're number one at something." 

Probably not number one in athlete academics if he didn't read a book the entire time he went there.

Overall, a really good television appearance by Gronk. Now he gets to fly all the way back to Boston for a little parade on Wednesday.

It's worth noting that 'A Gronking To Remember' is currently an Amazon Best the humorous erotica section.

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