During training camp, Lions rookies carry helmets and pads for the veteran players, and before road games, they have to supply food on the flights.

Under coach Jim Schwartz, that’s basically the extent of the hazing.

That, however, wasn’t the case in Miami, where guard Richie Incognito was suspended indefinitely this week and is being investigated by the NFL for bullying offensive line teammate Jonathan Martin, who’s in his second season. Incognito allegedly used racial slurs and threatened violence against Martin.

“It’s just unfortunate that a guy gets pushed out to the level of not wanting to play football,” said Lions running back Reggie Bush, who spent the previous two seasons with the Dolphins and said he never noticed any over-the-top hazing. “You never want to see anybody get pushed that far because obviously it’s a privilege to play this game. Any time it’s gotten to this extent something has to be done.”

When Bush arrived in Miami, he said he took the initiative to get in his offensive line’s good graces. He said he took the unit out to dinner one night and spent nearly $10,000, but that was his choice, not something forced on him.

One of Martin’s reported claims is he gave Incognito $15,000 to pay for a trip to Las Vegas in which Martin didn’t participate.

“Nothing like that goes on (in Detroit) at all,” Bush said. “We don’t have anybody like that that’s pushing anybody that far. The thing I like about this team a lot is we get along well, we have good guys on this team, we have good leadership on this team and guys are all about the same goal and that’s winning and doing whatever it takes to win and making sure our environment is work friendly.”

Schwartz said the team has rules against hazing, but wouldn’t share them. Things like supplying meals, carrying pads or bringing water to meetings are just examples of rookies paying their dues.

“I don’t think there is any harm in stuff like that,” Schwartz said. “The bottom line is we’re expecting everybody to do their job. Anything that takes away from a player’s ability to do his job or a coach’s ability to do his job is something that we don’t want to have happen.”