Reggie Bush has proven himself to be quite a salesman. He was making the rounds on Radio Row Friday on behalf of Sony, who hired him to promote their new Xperia Z1S waterproof Smartphone.

“You can drop it and it won’t crack, and you can put it under water and it will still work,” he said. “How cool is that?”

Earlier in the month, he made an even more compelling sales pitch to Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew and President Tom Lewand on behalf of running backs coach Curtis Modkins.

“When everything happened and coach (Jim Schwartz) got fired, or was about to, I went up to the general manager and president and said Curtis Modkins is a good coach,” Bush said. “He single-handedly helped change the run game in this offense. Look where it was a couple of years ago and where it was last year.

“It was just a breath of fresh air to have a guy like that.”

Modkins was among the eight coaches from Schwartz’s staff that were retained by new head coach Jim Caldwell, much to Bush’s delight.

“I just wanted to go to bat for the guy because he was a great coach,” Bush said. “Unfortunately, throughout my career I’ve had some pretty bad running backs coaches. He’s the first really good on I’ve had in the NFL. We had to keep him.

“I don’t know if I was the deciding factor, but I am glad he’s still on the team.”

For the record, his previous running backs coaches were George Hemshaw and Bret Ingalls in New Orleans and Jeff Nixon in Miami.

Asked what specifically Modkins brought to the table, Bush said, “Just his attitude, mentality, his principles that he brings to the run game and blocking schemes. The way we run the ball; his thought process and the way he teaches.

“When I go in there I feel like I am learning something new every day. That’s what you want.”

Bush said he was excited about the coaching change and is looking forward to working with Caldwell and offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi.