Lions running back Reggie Bush had an impressive debut in Detroit on Sunday. In the Lions 34-24 win over Minnesota Bush totaled 191 offensive yards and one touchdown -- a score that came on a 77-yard pass from quarterback Matt Stafford.

Bush's debut might even be more impressive when you consider that at one point in the game his thumb was facing the opposite way that a thumb is supposed to face. Bush dislocated his left thumb in the first quarter and apparently it was pretty ugly.

"It was pointing in the wrong direction" Bush said describing the injury. "But they were able to pop it back in and tape it up. After that I just carried the ball with my right hand."

Carrying the ball in his right hand seemed to work well for Bush. The thumb injury occurred on Detroit's first offensive series of the game meaning 166 yards of Bush's production came after he suffered the injury which actually wasn't his only injury.

"On the series after [the thumb injury] I pulled a groin muscle" Bush said.