Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze's lawyers have stipulations if he's going to testify in the Laremy Tunsil civil lawsuit.

Attorneys representing Freeze asked for an outright prohibition of, or for restrictions to be placed upon, a possible deposition after one was requested in conjunction with a lawsuit filed two weeks ago against Tunsil, a former Ole Miss offensive tackle, by his stepfather Lindsey Miller.

If Freeze were deposed, his attorneys have asked the deposition would be conducted through written questions, would only relate to Freeze’s conversations with Tunsil regarding an altercation between Tunsil and Miller last summer, would only have parties and counsel related to the case in attendance and would be sealed pending court order.

All restrictions requested are permissible under Rule 26(d) of the Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure.

However, a motion for protective order filed Tuesday in Lafayette County Circuit Court argues that there is “no basis for deposing Freeze at any point concerning his claims against Defendant [Tunsil]” and describes the request “as a fishing expedition as to Freeze’s liability.”

“In support [of the request to depose Freeze], Plaintiff [Lindsey Miller] contends...Freeze’s deposition may (i) reveal, before the statute of limitations runs on June 28, 2016, Freeze’s ‘motivations’ for publishing the written statement, (ii) prove Plaintiff’s defamation claim against Defendant, and (iii) disclose the identity of certain witnesses,” the motion reads.