New Detroit Lions kicker Havard Rugland has a tremendously strong leg and an uncanny ability to kick footballs into moving cars and boats and backward into garbage cans.

But one of the biggest reasons the Detroit Lions found him so appealing and signed him as a free agent last week was because he’s left-footed.

“Havard definitely has talent,” special teams coordinator John Bonamego said. “We’ll see how much more we can develop that. He’s a guy who we have to be realistic -- he’s never played organized football.

“Him being a lefty was a factor, definitely, with signing David (Akers), because that battery, that mechanic between the snap, hold and kick, that’s something that can’t be understated just how important that is. If we’re going to be developing a holder, which we will be, that was important, to me, that we’re staying on one side of it.”

Akers, a lefty, signed a one-year deal earlier this month and is expected to take over from the retired Jason Hanson as the Lions’ kicker.

Blake Clingan, the Lions’ new punter, held for Rugland and another lefty, Justin Medlock, during a March workout, but said at the time he struggled after holding for righties all his life.

“It’s pretty much like writing with your left hand," Clingan said. "It’s very difficult."

Linebacker Stephen Tulloch joked Thursday that he plans to ask Rugland to perform some trick kicks when he arrives for off-season workouts. Bonamego said his favorite kick from the four-minute Internet video that made Rugland famous was the last one, when he punted one ball in the air and kicked a second one into it from off the ground.