As far as opposing defenses were concerned last season the Lions offense was a one-trick pony. There was no fear of a running game the tight ends didn’t produce enough to warrant special coverage and by the end of the year teams had to do a Google search to learn who the second and third wide receivers were.

To beat the Lions defenses knew they had to stop one combination — Matthew Stafford to Calvin Johnson. You think that’s an exaggeration? Stafford threw a record 727 passes. Johnson was targeted 205 times according to ESPN statistical research more than any other receiver. He ran 696 pass routes 109 more than any other player in the league.

Despite that the Lions still ranked third in total offense. Stafford threw for 4967 yards and Johnson set a season record with 1964 receiving yards.

But all that got the Lions was four wins. It was a predictable and largely inefficient way to do business on offense.

Priority one during the offseason was to diversify and find more balance. They did it with one free-agent signing — running back Reggie Bush.

“I think Reggie’s definitely going to add a dynamic to our offense” offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said. “He gives us a running back that has produced in this league. In the last two years he’s done a really good job of just carrying the ball. But you saw it even prior to his last stop that he was doing a lot of the things you’ll see him do in our offense and be a dual-threat guy.

“He gives us a dynamic that is a lot like what we got with Jahvid (Best). It’s a little different everybody’s different but he definitely gives us a guy that can be an effective rusher and effective receiver.”

What Bush gives as coach Jim Schwartz put it is a guy who can clear the bases who can exploit a defense that is putting extra defenders 20 yards off the line to contain Johnson.

“This dynamic of a wide receiver and what defenses do to stop him it opens up opportunities for the other receivers and opportunities for tight ends but it uniquely opens up opportunities for an explosive running back — not just a guy to get 5 or 6 yards but a guy who can really make you pay” Schwartz said. “Reggie is a guy we need to make teams pay when they chose to play us that way.”

But Bush’s presence alone won’t solve all the problems. Here are some of the issues that have to get straightened out in training camp.