The Detroit Lions are running out of bodies at defensive end.

Detroit released defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch earlier this week as a cost-cutting measure. Meanwhile, Lions defensive ends Cliff Avril and Lawrence Jackson are unrestricted free agents, leaving Detroit with few options at outside pass rusher.

Avril received the team's franchise tag last year, but Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said he does not intend to use that designation for any player this offseason.

Mayhew is also confident that if he wants to re-sign Avril, it will happen.

"All those guys that are free agents, we'll continue to have discussions about," Mayhew said. "I've talked to a few of their agents. We have ample time to sort through those situations. If you go back and look through our history here, we haven't had a lot of free agents that we really wanted to have back that we didn't get back.

"We haven't had a lot of free agents here that we thought were good players here that went somewhere else and they performed great somewhere else. You can go and take a look at that. The guys that we want back, we've been able to get back, for the most part."