Lions center Dominic Raiola has seen a lot of losses in Green Bay over his 13-year career. He also has seen a lot of — well let’s just say he has seen plenty of other things.

Packers fans have a tradition of standing near the stadium parking lot and mooning the opposing team’s buses as they leave Lambeau Field. Raiola said playfully he might consider turning the other cheek when the Lions visit the Packers on Sunday.

“Going there — I go before the buses go there — maybe I should go moon somebody this week on the way there in the car that we take early” he said.

Like any Lion who has played in Wisconsin since 1992 Raiola has never beaten the Packers on their tundra. That has made the view from the bus leaving the stadium a lot tougher.

“Well usually you’re (ticked) off when you leave there because you don’t win” Raiola said. “ ‘Let me out of this (bleeping) bus.’ Yeah you get mooned. It’s like ‘Get me the (expletive) out of this bus so I can go put my hands on somebody.’ ”