As the final seconds ticked off the clock in Thursday’s 24-6 loss to the Browns Lions cornerback Darius Slay looked around the field for his Cleveland counterpart Joe Haden.

Slay grew up in SEC country admiring Haden a Florida product both for the way he played and how he played with a swag no other cornerback seemed to possess.

By the time Slay saw Haden on Thursday he was headed down the Browns tunnel too far away for the rookie to run down with his request.

“I wanted to ask for his jersey” Slay said. “I know we play them again (in October) and I’m making sure I’m going to try to get that jersey then.”

Slay said he has never talked to Haden though he tweeted at him last year during his senior season at Mississippi State and got no response.

Still Slay has modeled much of his game after a cornerback most think is among the best in the NFL.

On Thursday Slay said he wore a sleeve under his jersey (on his left arm only) as a nod to Haden’s style on the field. Haden occasionally wears a single sleeve on his left arm too though he went sleeve-less against the Lions.

“I like how he carries himself on the field” Slay said. “He comes out there confident ready to play. He’s one of the freshest guys out there on the field in terms of his look. Look good play good. That’s what I love about him so that’s where I got all my little swag game from. I kind of swag-jacked him.”

Slay’s play has matched his swag so far this preseason and Lions coaches have taken notice.