After dominating the first half last Sunday with six catches for 179 yards and two touchdowns, Lions receiver Calvin Johnson didn't have a single catch in the second half of a 37-27 Steelers victory.

Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said the coverage on Johnson -- a safety consistently helping cornerback Ike Taylor -- led quarterback Matthew Stafford to look for other weapons. But the Lions offense failed to score in the second half as poor passes and drops led to stalled drives.

Johnson said Thursday it was frustrating to lose, but he thinks there could have been opportunities to beat the Steelers defense in the second half. After the monster first half, Johnson had no targets in the third quarter and three in the fourth.

"They did some stuff different, but it was frustrating all around," Johnson said. "There's always a way to beat a defense, but we're on to the next game."

While Johnson has proven capable of beating any defensive scheme, Linehan said Thursday it wasn't worth throwing an interception in a close game to force the ball to him.

"I would say that if anybody in the NFL has a way of getting a guy the ball in triple coverage it's Matt, and Calvin's able to produce there," Linehan said. "But the way we've won games is other guys on this team have made plays in those situations."