Brady Quinn was a two-sport star in high school, but he decided he enjoyed football more than baseball and went off to Notre Dame as a quarterback. Does he regret the choice?

On Thursday, Quinn retweeted a Washington Post article that talks about the deal Jeff Samardzija — who played football at Notre Dame with Quinn — just signed with the San Francisco Giants. Samardzija will make $90 million guaranteed, and he is hardly one of the best pitchers in baseball. The title of the Post story is “Jeff Samardzija just proved athletes would be foolish to pick NFL over MLB.”

Of course, many took that to mean Quinn wishes he stuck with baseball. He even admitted to TMZ that he would have made a lot more money if he went that route.

“It was a blessing and a dream of mine to be able to play professional football, but I would have had a much longer career and made a lot more money if I had gone the baseball route,” Quinn reportedly said.

Or did he? On Friday morning, Quinn claimed he never even spoke to anyone at TMZ.