Liam Hendriks missed one more chance to build up his pitch count and nail down a starting job while almost having his face rearranged by a nasty comebacker. But the Twins right-hander did not lose his sense of humor.

He could afford to chuckle after learning his pitching hand was merely bruised fending off a wicked line drive hit by Baltimore's Brian Roberts, which terminated Hendriks' last spring outing after a scoreless 2 2/3 innings.

"I decided to stop it with my hand instead of my face," Hendriks said Tuesday, March 26. "Perfect that he gave me a line drive straight at someone. I was preferring it wasn't me."

Said manager Ron Gardenhire: "He's lucky he didn't get killed. That was scary."

Ideally, Hendriks would have worked 80 to 90 pitches, but he threw only half as many in an otherwise solid appearance. The short stint frustrated him more than his swollen palm and pinkie.

"It's a little irritating. It's one of those (times) it was safer to take me out then let me go in case anything was more serious," he said. "I feel fine. Ball was coming out good. We'll take it day by day, ice it up all night and keep the swelling down a bit. See how we go."