The Suns’ prolonged pursuit of Marcus Morris is over. Now figuring out how to use him begins.

The Suns have returned to a surplus of wings, particularly small forwards. P.J. Tucker, Jared Dudley, Michael Beasley, Wesley Johnson and Marcus Morris could all be considered small forwards.

Suns interim coach Lindsey Hunter just squeezed Johnson into the rotation this week by moving Shannon Brown out and now will have to drop someone else to get Marcus Morris into the mix. Hunter said he could not fathom going beyond a 10-man rotation.

“Whoever’s playing hard and playing well, that’s who will play,” Hunter said. “It’s that simple.

“Guys are still earning the right to be out there. We’re not in the playoff race or haven’t won 30-plus games so nobody’s earned that right to say they deserve X amount of minutes.”

Marcus Morris was in uniform Friday night, wearing No. 15, while the Suns’ other acquisition, center Hamed Haddadi, got into Phoenix on Friday and sat on the bench while on the inactive list for the game.

The Morris twins were teammates for a game for the first time Friday on the 70th birthday of the NBA’s only other twin teammates ever — Dick and Tom Van Arsdale. Marcus was drafted one pick behind Markieff in June 2011, but he called his arrival in Phoenix “a fresh start to my career.”

“Coming out of college, Phoenix knew what I could do,” Marcus said. “Houston, I feel like, was just more picking the next best available player. I didn’t feel they really had too much time for me and too much of me in their future plans. Being here, I’ll show off my three skills and play my true natural position and play basketball.