When the Blue Jays played in Baltimore on the weekend, the Orioles paid Jose Bautista the ultimate compliment: They didn't give him anything to hit. The Jays slugger was just 1-for-9 in the series and also was walked five times — once intentionally. Bautista was so hot there for a while that you can't blame a manager such as the Orioles' Buck Showalter for not challenging him.

The only way to force teams to pitch to Bautista is for the hitters behind him to produce and that's what the Jays are hoping will happen now that Adam Lind is back in the lineup and batting behind Bautista in the cleanup spot.

"That would be the first thought," manager John Farrell said. "We might also give Corey (Patterson) a little more freedom at first base (to steal) than in the past. I think we'll look to play our style of game rather than react to the potential of what teams might do to Jose because of Adam's presence. Even in they opt to put Jose on first base, it's another base-runner for Adam with the potential to do further damage.