Jeremy Lin and his teammates look at complacency as a reason for their recent inconsistencies.

Those inconsistencies led to a 110-107 buzzer-beating loss to the Bucks on Wednesday night. The Rockets had started the game making 12 of their first 13 field goal attempts and jumped out to a 28-11 lead.

"It sucks," Lin said. "That's how I would see it. It's just kind of, like, tragic to see how good we can play and then, the next thing you know, a minute later, we're like a completely different team.

"I think it's complacency," he continued. "In my opinion, I think we get comfortable. Our guard goes down a little. We share the ball a little less. We run a little less hard. We play a little less hard on defense. And you just can't play the game of basketball like that. You can't flirt with the fine line of complacency and being totally locked in. So every little bit of slippage that we give up will come back and hurt us."

Chandler Parsons echoed the same sentiments.

"I guess it's good in a way because it's all mental things that we can control," Parsons said. "But it's all just stupid mental lapses that everyone's making that we can easily control. Guys just falling asleep and getting back slower. Guys not following the scouting report and forcing Brandon Jennings right. Just little things like that that we knew how to do. We just didn't execute."

The frustration after the loss was clearly still evident a day after Monta Ellis hit his prayer for the Bucks.

"The last three, honestly, Sacramento, Washington, and Milwaukee, those are the ones this summer where we could be looking back like, 'Man, we needed those,'" Parsons said. "Hopefully, we use this frustration, this pain going forward.