Damian Lillard didn’t have much of a strategy going into Saturday’s Skills Challenge.

The biggest thing, the Portland Trail Blazer said, was to simply take his time.

“If I missed (a pass), not to run away from it before it goes in so I don’t waste time,” Lillard said.

Then he went out and did exactly that in the championship round, but it didn’t cost him. The rookie from Weber State didn’t miss a shot in the competition, finishing the course in 29.8 seconds to edge Philadelphia’s Jrue Holiday (35.6) at Toyota Center.

The Rockets’ Jeremy Lin posted a 35.8 and finished fourth in the team round, which the Eastern Conference won with a combined time of 1:50.9. The West finished in 1:53.3.

The course consisted of three shots and three passes. It was the 3-pointer that ultimately decided it for Lillard in the finals.

Holiday missed his first attempts. Lillard missed his first bounce pass, but came back by making his first 3-pointer to make up time.

“When we got here today, I just went right to the bounce pass and I did it about 50 times in a row,” Lillard said. “The first time I went through it, I knew I would be able to get through it pretty smooth if I could get the passes to go through.”