In one sentence Jim Leyland said a mouthful.

“It looks like on Thursday Martinez is going to catch and Miguel Cabrera will (be the) DH” the Tigers manager said at his pre-game news conference today. “I’m going to leave it at that.”

Several weeks ago Leyland mentioned that he could make this maneuver to help Cabrera while he’s not running full speed. This will be the first time this season he puts Cabrera at DH. Because Leyland didn’t elaborate on the matter we are left to speculate at the various reasons he’s making this change now for Thursday’s series finale with Seattle:

■Perhaps this is the first of many games in which Leyland will put Cabrera at DH or rest him so he can heal and get ready for the playoffs. The regular season ends a week from Sunday and Cabrera still isn’t running full speed. He hasn’t done so since his hip/abdominal problem came up in late July. In the playoffs where one play can determine a series it would be a shame for the Tigers if that play hinged on Cabrera’s inability to run full speed.

■If Cabrera can’t run full speed when the playoffs open would Leyland use Cabrera at DH and have Victor Martinez catch? That would knock catcher Alex Avila out of the lineup. And who would play third? (Ramon Santiago likely will play third on Thursday Leyland said.) But with the still-healing Cabrera at DH Leyland wouldn’t have to agonize about whether to take him out in the late innings for defense.